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At Beyond Human Intelligence (BHI) We leverage skill and competence while providing high-quality data annotation services to businesses across industries.

Founded in 2020, our company has remarkably transformed into a trusted partner of data annotation services to many organisations. We have successfully trained over a hundred participants from various countries in data annotation.

Our Mission

To provide precise, reliable, and scalable data annotation services to our clients, enabling them to make data-driven decisions with confidence

Our Vision

To deliver exceptional data annotation services and be a global leader in data collection and annotation services.

Our Values

We believe in teamwork, honesty, impact, and continuous improvement, and we strive to embody these values in everything we do.

Our Achievements

Over the years, we have earned a position for delivering high-quality, reliable data annotation services to our clients. We have worked with companies across industries, including construction, healthcare, finance, retail, agriculture, transport, sport and more, helping them to gain valuable insights from their data. We are proud to have earned the trust and loyalty of the clients that we have worked with.

We provide data annotation solutions for your growing business

Our Suite of Services

We provide custom data annotation solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients, helping them to achieve their specific business objectives.

From data collection to data annotation
we’ve got you covered!

Our team of annotators has extensive experience working with a variety of data types and formats, ensuring that we effectively handle even the most complex annotation tasks with ease

Audio Annotation

BHI audio data annotation and labeling experts know what it takes to capture the audio & speech samples you need for any AI-enabled audio application/device or speech recognition system.

Image Annotation

We provide various image annotation services that will cater for our client’s project needs, including bounding boxes, polygon annotations, keypoint annotation, semantic segmentation, and image classification.

Text Annotation

BHI offers high-quality text annotation strategies and services to help deploy AI and machine learning in Medical AI, Finance & Insurance, and Government.

Video Annotation

We provide video annotation services for all annotation projects including bounding box annotation, polygon annotation, keypoint annotation, and semantic segmentation.

Data Collection

BHI will help you source for text, image, audio, video and/or geo-local data to train your machine learning models using both platform automation and human verification.

Training & Consultancy

At BHI, you can get opportunity to learn technological and data annotation skills that improve the global economy.


You Can
Bank On BHI Anytime!

With laser focused insight and the ability to deliver, Beyond Human Intelligence leverages standard processes, technologies, and expert teams to best cater for data annotation needs.


We maintain and deliver highly standardized procedures in the discharge of our services.


Our work ethics and credibility has earned us the truth from our clients across diverse industries.


Time is essential. We value your relationship with us and so we work optimally to deliver projects right on time.


We follow due process to ensure nothing short of quality is maintained before, during and after a project is done.

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Years of Experience

Industries We Serve

covers a wide range of multifaceted sectors listed as follows:


BHI data experts unlock the intelligence contained in unstructured visual, audio and text data sets to help the world’s leading companies in finance implement machine learning and RPA for increased efficiency


Our team of annotators extracts intelligence from unstructured data, enabling precision agriculture and smart farming technologies to help farmers predict yield, reduce water usage, protect crops and automate farm operations.


We work with leading pharmaceutical companies, device manufacturers, health plans, and provider networks to deliver quality, secure, HIPAA-compliant data solutions both locally and off-shore.


BHI’s end-to-end data labeling services paired with its  data annotation experts deliver high-quality training data that fuels the machine learning models created by engineering, product and data science teams from leading autonomous vehicle enterprises.


Want to ensure your customers enjoys their travel experience like no other? Our team of digital inclined annotators can ensure your brand stands above the rest.


BHI’s team of annotators have labeled, annotated, enriched and segmented over 5000 images and videos that power Computer Vision algorithms. our team works with complex edge cases and nuanced taxonomies to give clients an extra advantage.

Are you an experienced data annotator interested in working with us?

Our Case Studies

See some of the projects we've successfully completed.

Text Classification Project


The images below show a text classification project, this project was carried out on the Prodigy platform where each document was classified into various classes like header, sub-header, paragraph, table e.t.c., with the bounding box tool

Plant Detection Project

INDUSTRY: agriculture

The image below is the annotation of plants for plant detection purposes in the agriculture

Object Detection Project


This is an object detection project. Different shelves in stores where we labelled. This project had 3 classes, when a shelf is out of stock, in stock, or no products available. This was done on the Label Studio platform with the bounding box tool

Video Annotation Project

INDUSTRY: transport

In most cases, annotations in this industry are video annotations. These videos are split into frames for easy annotation. It can be a frame-by-frame object detection project or an object tracking project

This first image is from a frame-by-frame object detection project. In this project traffic lights, road signs, cars, and more were annotated to train a model for autonomous car driving.

This is an object-tracking project. The purpose of this project was to track the movement of the vehicles. It was a video split into frames before annotating them. In this project, we annotated different kinds of vehicles, road signs, mailboxes, and train stop signs.

Data Annotation Techniques

Count on us to help you with AI Training Data for any model. Our expertise lies in developing AI Training Data using various data annotation
techniques, ensuring accuracy and quality control throughout the process.

Bounding Boxes

Machine learning robotics, autonomous vehicle and retail industries use it to classify objects in pictures and videos.

3D Cuboid Annotation

A 3D Cuboid model can provide detailed information about the object by providing more comprehensive detail about the object.

Landmark Annotation

The process of determining the shape and emotion of natural object like facial features and emotions using a sequence of points.

3D Point Cloud Annotation

Provides an opportunity to detect and classify in greater detail so that dimensions can be accurately measured

Skeletal Annotation

Experts to identify and annotate important skeletal features in images to produce large datasets for training medical diagnostic AI Models.

Polygon Annotation

In order to identify and localize videos and images precise contours in polygon shapes need to be drawn over the products.

Polyline Annotation

Autonomous cars and other vehilcles will use lane detection on roads to detect the lane and move accordingly.

Semantic Segmentation

Semantic Segmentation helps to solve the vision problem in outdated computer that involves raw data like 2D images as.

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