Industries We Serve

which covers a wide range of multifaceted sectors listed as follows:


BHI data experts unlock the intelligence contained in unstructured visual, audio and text data sets to help the world’s leading companies in finance implement machine learning and RPA for increased efficiency


Our team of annotators extracts intelligence from unstructured data, enabling precision agriculture and smart farming technologies to help farmers predict yield, reduce water usage, protect crops and automate farm operations.


Working with online retail sites, and retailers who marry digital with an in-store experience, our team enables compelling customer experience (CX) solutions for merchants, and other digital platform operators, with organized, searchable and relevant data.


At BHI, we provide high-quality training data for businesses and industries to train their machine learning algorithms for diverse robotics applications.



Want to ensure your customers enjoys their travel experience like no other? Our team of digital inclined annotators can ensure your brand stands above the rest.


While your teams build the best graphics with the best storytelling and the best soundtracks, we build your competitive advantage via player support, content moderation, analytics, digital enablement and more.


We work with leading pharmaceutical companies, device manufacturers, health plans, and provider networks to deliver quality, secure, HIPAA-compliant data solutions both locally and off-shore.


BHI's team of annotators have labeled, annotated, enriched and segmented over 5000 images and videos that power Computer Vision algorithms. our team works with complex edge cases and nuanced taxonomies to give clients an extra advantage.


Our secure and monitored facilities offer a reliable and efficient solution for sensitive data that requires processing for the public sector at the federal, state and local level, and helps institutions leverage Machine Learning for public good.



BHI's end-to-end data labeling services paired with its  data annotation experts deliver high-quality training data that fuels the machine learning models created by engineering, product and data science teams from leading autonomous vehicle enterprises.


We can source websites, videos and other content for advertisers, scraping data to parse for harmful content, or other content the client doesn't want to associate their adverts with.


Private companies are turning to technology to help combat crime and reduce the burden on society. We are well positioned to assist you with tasks such as audio transcription and audio classification.

The search for a reliable, trustworthy partner is over!

Trust BHI to handle your data annotation projects.

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