From data collection to data annotation
we’ve got you covered!

Our team of annotators has extensive experience working with a variety of data types and formats, ensuring that we effectively handle even the most complex annotation tasks with ease

Audio Annotation

BHI audio data annotation and labeling experts know what it takes to capture the audio & speech samples you need for any AI-enabled audio application/device or speech recognition system.

Image Annotation

We provide various image annotation services that will cater for our client’s project needs, including bounding boxes, polygon annotations, keypoint annotation, semantic segmentation, and image classification.

Text Annotation

BHI offers high-quality text annotation strategies and services to help deploy AI and machine learning in Medical AI, Finance & Insurance, and Government.

Video Annotation

We provide video annotation services for all annotation projects including bounding box annotation, polygon annotation, keypoint annotation, and semantic segmentation.

Data Collection

BHI will help you source for text, image, audio, video and/or geo-local data to train your machine learning models using both platform automation and human verification.

Training & Consultancy

At BHI, you can get opportunity to learn technological and data annotation skills that improve the global economy.


You Can
Bank On BHI Anytime!

With laser focused insight and the ability to deliver, Beyond Human Intelligence leverages standard processes, technologies, and expert teams to best cater for data annotation needs.


We maintain and deliver highly standardized procedures in the discharge of our services.


Our work ethics and credibility has earned us the truth from our clients across diverse industries.


Time is essential. We value your relationship with us and so we work optimally to deliver projects right on time.


We follow due process to ensure nothing short of quality is maintained before, during and after a project is done.

The search for a reliable, trustworthy partner is over!

Trust BHI to handle your data annotation projects.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you make the most of your data.

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